Home Is BETA





Send me a photo of your refrigerator interior, and it will end up in the Home Is dollhouse!

1. Take the photo head-on to capture parallel refrigerator box edges (as seen in photos). Cellphone photos are great

2. Submit photo to me:

Post to Instagram with #HomeIsBETA

Email as an attachment to kswick@me.com

Drop it in this folder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B76nYnNaf5cafnR4YUtWaE43b09EUzVCWTZGMFBBNDZyWXJLSzJMUlJ2T1R4RVdhNjBMTU0&usp=sharing

3. It will end up in the kitchen refrigerator of the dollhouse, installed at MIT in the hallway of building 10 from June 1 to 5.


Checkout the Council for the Arts at MIT, HomeIsBETA’s principle sponsor:



Please Note: Photo will not necessarily be included in the installation if submitted after June 3. It may be edited to better fit the setting. Participating photographers will not be compensated and agree to release all reproduction rights to kswick.